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Serenity Sam Interviewed on LOA/ YouTube: with Walt Thiessen 5.1.21

Come join Serenity Sam for a Leading Edge Conversation with Walt Theissen on LOA Today Podcast Videos on YouTube at 9pm UK. We will be discussing The Laws Of The Universe and how they can transform your life!

(here is the interview below)

Serenity Sam Interviewed on High Vibrational Mastery Facebook Group with C. Meagan Michael: 17.1.21

Come join Serenity Sam and C Meagan Michael and High Vibrational Mastery (private fb group, please join to view) for a Super High Charged Conversation all around The Law Of Attraction and Beyond! 8pm UK

Alignment Alchemy Starts on 9.1.21

Come for the first episode of Alignment Alchemy, a live broadcasted show on Serenity Sam fb and Serenity Sam YouTube and Spirituality Gone Wild fb 5pm UK/ 9am PST

Serenity Sam Interviewed on Miracle Makers Club by Reverend Joan Of Miracles 19.2.2 /UK

Join Serenity Sam and Reverend Joan Of Angels on the Miracle Makers Club live fb broadcast for a beautiful episode all around Meditation and of course…Miracles! 3am UK/ 19.2.21, 7pm PST/ 18.2.21