Serenity Sam Meditations, Affirmations and Empowerments

Creativity Empowerment Meditation with Serenity Sam

Increase your ability to create by listening to empowering meditations that help the energy move in a forward direction. Serenity can tailor affirmations to meet your needs. Go to the contact page to get in touch.

I Feel Happy and Content

Practice this cheery affirmation to raise your vibration and bring on the happy! Practicing affirmations can really make such a huge impact on your well being. Contact Serenity for a tailored affirmation recording to meet your needs.

Group Meditation

Serenity offers group meditation both privately and professionally in and around her local area. She uses affirmations, positivity, body scans and calming techniques to allow people to relax and find more peace and serenity. Contact her for more information and bookings.