About Me

About Serenity Sam

Serenity Sam is a practicing Positivitist, Law Of Attraction Teacher, Public Speaker, Musician, Workshop Leader, and Artist. She has been performing, teaching, facilitating and organising people and creative pursuits for the past 35 years. She loves to create all sorts of fun projects herself, and to empower you to create your highest joy and skills too! She has worked in community centres, public schools, in private festivals, one to one, at events all around the world and privately in people’s homes. Go to the contact page to commission a piece of art, book her for a talk or musical engagement.

Serenity Sam is also a multi-instrumentalist, lover of high vibration and Spiritual Exploration though sound, songwriting, movement and rhythm. Serenity has been playing drum kit, hand drums, keyboards, acoustic guitar, percussion and sound wellbeing instruments for over 30 years, has toured, recorded and performed at a large range of events and occasions. Serenity also loves to empower you to record your own music, all abilities and ages. She’ll teach you how to use Garageband, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro for Video, and she can give advice on mics, technical gear and cameras and basic equipment to get started. Contact Serenity to discuss recording your music, video or spoken word projects, and she’ll help you to develop your project. Go to the contact page to get things rolling.